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Welcome to Vorteil™, the first aesthetic dermatology center to focus on men. At Vorteil™, we believe that men feel more confident when looking their best. A man who works hard on his physique by exercising and eating right wants his face to reflect his body. For better or worse, the necessity to stay competitive and marketable in life, both personally and professionally, is significantly influenced by one’s appearance. We consider it an investment in oneself and one’s future; in other words, it’s not about vanity. So whether you are interested in using preventative treatments to fend off the effects of aging or to buy yourself more time, we are here for all of your minimally invasive aesthetic needs.

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The Vorteil Advantage

For men who want to live their best life, Vorteil™ is the premier center for aesthetic dermatology. Vorteil™, which translates to advantage in the German language, specializes in non-invasive aesthetic procedures exclusively for performance-driven men who see life as a continuous opportunity for enhancing their appearance and maximizing their potential. Founded in 2012 by a board certified dermatologist, Vorteil™ is a company for the active, successful, professional man who wants greater control over his skin health and physical appearance. We give men the tools they need to make their lives better.
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The Science of Men's Skin

Men's skin is different than women's skin. Its structure and function is fundamentally unique and requires specialized knowledge and different treatment approaches. Men’s skin is 20-30% thicker than women’s. Since thicker skin does a better job at resisting wrinkles, men’s skin tends to intrinsically age more slowly than women’s. In addition, men have more collagen and elastin fibers (which give skin strength and resilience) and a tighter network of fatty tissue that keeps it looking healthy and smooth. The thick, coarse facial hair of a man’s face also provides extra support. However, men’s skin produces more oil, which has the benefit of keeping the skin more hydrated and the liability that leads to acne and acne scarring. Men also tend not to protect the skin as much as women; only 33% of men wear sunscreen daily (versus 78% of women). This can lead to accelerated skin aging and skin cancer.
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